U.S. Interactive Map

This map allows you to display protection areas by channel(s). Click here for help, or enter a new location.


Note:Updated April 20, 2015 - Because Google Chrome no longer supports Microsoft Silverlight, we recommend using Firefox to view the Interactive Map on this page.


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This tool is intended for information purposes only and does imply or warrant a certified TVWS service or secure interface.  This tool provides information used in determining TV channels that might be available for use by TVBDs in accordance with rules defined in 47 CFR Part 15, Subpart H.  The protection contours depicted do not necessarily translate directly to available channel maps, as additional factors are used in determining available white space.  Additional factors used to determine available white space include, but are not limited to:  device type, HAAT, antenna height and adjacent channel availability.  The channel authorization service provided by Spectrum Bridge ensures that interference protections afforded in 15.712 are provided.  Availability of white space is subject to change over time.  Current availability of specific channels does not guarantee availability in the future.  Availability of channels for use by TVBDs does not guarantee interference free operation.

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