TV White Spaces Database

The Database functions include:

  • Managing a data repository, utilizing all information regarding FCC registered protected entities
  • Performing calculations to determine available channels in any given location for each device type
  • Registering licensed or unlicensed devices not listed in the FCC database
  • Synchronizing data between multiple databases
  • Updating and synchronizing data in near real time

Delivering New Opportunities for Growth

Spectrum Bridge has led the industry in white spaces technology and has a proven track record of innovation and development. Working with key industry players such as Dell, Google, and Microsoft, SBI has developed and deployed operational broadband networks using TV white spaces in various U.S. cities. In an effort to help us better understand the scope of your potential deployment, please fill out the following form


Spectrum Bridge demonstrated an experimental prototype White Spaces Database to the FCC in January 2009 and has been operating a complete online White Spaces solution since June 2009.


The solution architecture was developed based on the FCC TV Bands Database requirements, and it is specifically designed to accommodate existing regulatory requirements and adapt as required to maintain compliance with any updates or changes to the rules that arise in the future.

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