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Spectrum Bridge's White Space database solution is certified by the FCC.

The Commission's Part 15 rules (47 C.F.R. 15.701 et seq.) require that unlicensed TV band devices (TVBDs) contact an authorized database system to obtain a list of channels that are authorized for operation (i.e., channels not protected for authorized radio services). Channel use authorizations are determined for a specific location.

Radios authorized and operating as white space devices (TVBDs) are required to provide their geographic location, by means of a secure Internet connection, to a TV band database system authorized by the Commission.  The database will return a list of authorized channels available for operation by the TVBD for its reported location.  Please contact Spectrum Bridge about our partner program and access to this service.

This web portal can also be used to register certain protected devices and services entitled to protection authorized by the FCC rules. These devices and services include: low power auxiliary stations, including wireless microphones, Multi-Channel Video Programming Distributor (MVPD) receive sites and Broadcast Auxiliary links (cable headend receive sites).


Locate available TV White Space channels here.

View TV White Space channels and protected areas here.

Locate channels available exclusively for wireless microphones (both licensed and unlicensed) here.

Protected Entity Registration

Register a Temporary Broadcast Auxiliary Service link here.

Register a MVPD Receive Site here.

Register a licensed Low Power Auxiliary Station (wireless microphone) here.

Register an Unlicensed Wireless Microphone Venue here.


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All information required by the FCC to be in the TV bands databases is publicly available at

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